A Timed Calculus for Distributed Objects with Clocks, Revised Version

A Timed Calculus for Distributed Objects with Clocks, Revised Version


Ichiro Satoh and Mario Tokoro


This is a revise version of this paper with the correction of minor errors in my paper appeard in ECOOP'93. In this paper we propose a formalism for specifying and verifying distributed real-time object-oriented computation. The formalism is an extension of Milner's CCS with the notion of local time. It allows us to describe quantitative differences among local clocks on distributed processors and analyze the influence of the differences upon the behavioral and temporal properties in interactions among distributed objects. Also, a bisimulation related to the local time of distributed systems is introduced. The bisimulation equates distributed objects with temporal uncertainties if and only if their behaviors are completely matched and their timings are different within a given bound.

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date:           July 23, 1993